Kristel Zanol is a maternity and artistic newborn/baby photographer raised in a very warm and lovely family with Italian and Belgian roots, from childhood she had a multicultural environment .

She studied visual arts in Belgium and loves to paint to express herself. Kristel has a non-stop creative open mind. She likes to be innovative & pure in every sense. 

Apart from fluently  speaking languages, Kristel had to use her creativeness and decided to jump in the make-up artistry where she could express herself alike as in her paintings… When traveling around and working as a make up artist , she loved to guide models to pose them right. Styling and make-up is always provided in her setting for your booking. 

Nowadays she combines her make-up knowledge and her vision for composition and beauty in her photographs. As she met a lot of different cultures , Kristel loves to mix her travels in her work. Her style blends editorial, pure & fine arts portraits…. Mixing your personality in her pictures, Kristels goal is to provide you with ultimate beauty photographs, that you will enjoy a  lifetime. 

Her favorite quote says:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication...Photography for your precious moments.

With love, 

Kristel Zanol