Newborn photography

Newborn photography

A newborn shoot takes place within two weeks from birth. During that time newborns are very flexible and sleepy, making it easier to photograph them in different poses. If you would like to book your newbornsession, then we schedule a date around the time you are planned to give birth.

If your little one is born, than you can call me or even email me to keep the appointment or to change it.

During the shoot:

  • Please be aware that the temperature is 28 degrees. It can be very hot, wear some comfortable light clothes…
  • Also keep in mind you’ll have to have a lot of patience cause a newborn session takes about 3 to 4 hours, depending if your baby sleeps well…
  • It is easier when your baby is well feeded, in between you can always feed your baby.

If you prefer to do a babyshoot, then it is better to wait until the baby can sit.

Try to book in advance your place to avoid I am taken already that day.